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 Eco-friendly Tamper Evident Hinged Cap

 Design Rendering & Product Detail Plot

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  Feature 1  Eco - friendly Plastic Closure that cannot be separated from PET bottle

• Just like a conventional closure, twist-open and push it backward. It remains open and provides no inconvenience when drinking.
  It closes just like a conventional closure after drinking. Reducing a potential loss of closure, 
    it is easy-to-carry and allows repeated use of PET bottle.
•  It is easy to notice due to its design compared to conventional one.
•  When recycling PET bottle, closure loss rate is zero. It is a first grade recycling eco-friendly product.

 Feature 2  Easy to detach from PET bottle when recycling

• To increase recycling efficiency, Tamper Evident Ring at a neck of bottle must be separated
  since material used in bottle (PET) and closure (PE or PP) is different.

 Tamper Evident ring is easily separated when Haeun Cap’s eco-friendly closure is pulled upward.

• It does not require special tools to separate -> "Reduces time and cost during recycling process."


  Closure Missing prevention is a mandatory step to fully recycle both PET and PE material.
   Haeun Cap’s product is one and only Missing-prevention closure which is in production or used globally.

•  Wet gravity separation system of PET and PE requires PET bottle and PE closure to remain attached. 
   If and when every PET bottles apply Haeun Cap’s product, recycling rate of PET and PE would reach 100%. 

•  Current wet weight separation procedure can be reduced to its minimum when Haeun Cap’s
   integral closure is incorporated. It may maximize social cost reduction.

•  It can be produced from the existing bottled water production line without any facility change. And it can be applied in containers of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, cosmetic products and medicine with no change to existing production line.

 All-in-One Cap Futuristic Closure with a single outer and inner stopper.


 All-in-One Cap feature

•  With its integrated design, it is easy to open and close. Also it is an innovative product
   which offers real-life convenience with no chance of losing closure.
•  It is an eco-friendly invented closure which reduces plastic-driven pollution from losing closure. 
•  For steel closure, it can be magnetically attached to a bottle.    

 Containers for Application

• Plastic - potable water, salted fish, edible oil, traditional wine, soy saucepan, a spice jar, etc
 Can  Paint can, oil can, solvent can, oil can, detergent can, etc.
• Aluminum – Chemicals container, etc.

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