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 CEO Greeting  

Miracle starts from small things.


Hello, we are living in an age with materialistic abundance.
However, such abundance results in accumulation of environmental waste. And, such accumulation has become a problem which entire world has to be concerned.

Haeun Cap has been paying attention to a plastic bottle closure, one of culprits contributing to environment pollution. With a conviction that small things lead to big change, Haeun Cap has endured numerous trial and errors and finally introduces an eco-friendly, integral closure which will fly to global market.
Now, Haeun Cap wants to become a company representing Korea in this field.

Until a global recognition is given to a long-awaited eco-friendly plastic closure, Haeun Cap will always think of its consumers and customers, and will become a constantly evolving icon of innovation.
Also, I will always cherish and remember the social value of the enterprise.
Please pay attention to us with love and interest.

Lee Kyu-hwan, CEO

Mission & Vision

Love, Sharing, Education 


Haeun Cap is established and operated based on a dedication to save the environment and to provide clean drinking water to children in the third world who suffer from lack of drinking water due to water pollution.


2020. 1     Signed Partnership Agreement

                   with & Haeshin holdings

2019. 12   Registered the patent in EU 

                   (Eco-Friendly Tamper Evident Hinged cap)

2019. 11   Registered the patent in USA

                   (Eco-Friendly Tamper Evident Hinged cap)

2019. 8     Signed MOU with India's Jindal Group

2019. 5     Contract with “Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute &                              GKOxy Co., Ltd” (‘Ewaccer’, Hydrogen drinking water)

2018. 9     Registered the patent in Korea

                   (Eco-Friendly Tamper Evident Hinged cap)

2018. 8     Registered the patent in China 

                   (Eco-Friendly Tamper Evident Hinged cap)

2018. 8     Established Haeun Cap Co., Ltd.


Company name: Haeun Cap Co., Ltd. | CEO : Lee, Kyu-hwan | Business license number: 577 88 01069 | Address: #603, Lawyer’s Tower, 125, Seochojungang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Tel No : 82 2 584 0996~7 | Fax : 82 2 3474 7877 | E-mail :